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Your home holds the history of your family. The coffee table you put your feet on today could be the coffee table your grandchildren will hold onto while they learn to talk. The dining table could see thousands of family dinners, games that last long into the night, and endless conversations and laughter with family and loved ones.

Bring the Warmth and History of Nature into Your Home

One of the most fasinating things about trees is the history they show. From the rings that show age and growth, to the spalding from fungus or the darkened areas from lightening strikes, trees show their weathered legacy.

Custom Black Locust Hard Wood Coffee Table with Pewter Epoxy Inlay

  • Custom Black Locust Hard Wood Coffee Table with Pewter Epoxy Inlay
  • Burnt Finish Dining Room Table with Custom Spartan Helmet Inlay
  • Live Edge Red Elm Coffee Table
  • Burnt Finish Kitchen Table

Signature Woodwork will work with you to design a custom furniture piece, made from beautiful hardwood that already holds history, that will enter into your family to be passed down for generations.

Taking Custom to the Next Level

Our Wood Artisans take great care to preserve or enhance the character of the material they work with. We honor the history represented by each knot, spalded area, and ring. Thanks to natural variations and the handcrafting process, each furniture piece is one-of-a-kind. Our furniture is not only beautiful and functional but is also serves as touchstones for evoking old memories while creating new ones.

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