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Strait Edge TableSignature Woodwork began burning wood in 2016, and we were instantly enthralled by the beautiful textures and grain patterns achieved by taking torches to timbers and boards.

The natural beauty of the grain is accented by gently flaming the wood. The heat from the open flame caramelizes the sugars that are present in the sap of the wood, creating a shadowed look that just can’t be imitated. But it’s arguably the elegant beauty of charred wood that is making burnt wood the new black.

If you’ve been looking to have a on-of-a-kind flame treated piece, look no further than Signature Woodwork and our custom wood shop. Talk to a one of our artisan's today about incorporating torched wood design into your next project.

Bringing Custom to a Higher Level

Made from locally harvested woods, our Hardwood Furniture is hand-sanded, finished and sealed with lacquer to preserve its rustic wood grain. Thanks to natural variations and the handcrafting process, each table's beautifully-finished wood is one-of-a-kind*.

*Due to the materials and handcrafted process, variations in shape and wood grain are to be expected.

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