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Beautiful Missouri Waterfall

Every unique piece of custom wood furniture built by a Signature Woodwork Artisan is beautifully crafted from reclaimed woods & responsibly harvested materials.

We salvage trees brought down by storms or left behind by forest, landscaping or construction companeis.
On their journey to become beautiful and unique custom made furniture, trees are milled into slabs, carefully dried, exquisitely designed, expertly crafted and finely finished all at our wood shop in St. Louis.
The result is spectacular Midwest natural wood furniture built to last for generations.
Our unique pieces command attention and spark conversation.

Responsible Forestrysupporting our future

Reclaimed Wood

Furniture is made of wood from trees that are recovered from landscaping or construction companies.

Sustainable Wood

Sustainable wood comes from sustainably managed forests. It’s renewable because the landscape is managee to prevent damage to eco-systems.

Eco Friendly Furniture

Furniture that is created in a manner that has minimum negative impact on the environment.

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